Mission and philosophy

CERERE aims at sustaining and promoting innovative approaches emerging in Europe from a multitude of practices adopted to introduce and manage agrobiodiversity in cereal production. These innovations are rooted in local traditions, knowledge and food culture.

Focusing on cereals as cornerstones of European agriculture, culture and diets, CERERE fosters and facilitates exchange and integration of scientific and practical knowledge on how to best manage and embed agrobiodiversity along the whole supply chain from seeds to fork.

CERERE combines the available scientific results from a range of disciplines, spanning from genetics to agronomy, food technology and nutrition, social sciences, economics and marketing with the innovation and best practices developed by pioneering farmers, advisors, manufacturers and consumers.

A well-balanced multi-actor network of researchers and communities of practitioners promotes innovation producing and disseminating easily accessible end-user material and training products targeted at farmers, food manufacturers, consumers, researchers and policy makers.


CERERE’s most relevant goal is to reduce the gap between research and innovation practice in diversity based cereal food systems through the achievement of the following four specific objectives.

  • To synthesize innovative practices and research results used to construct organic and low-input cereal food systems based on agrobiodiversity
  • To share, discuss, validate and enrich the knowledge about existing best practices, relevant research results and co-innovation cases through multi-actor activities

  • To support existing and foster the creation of new Operational Groups within the EIP-Agri framework to enhance the diffusion of agrobiodiversity-based innovation

  • To disseminate the knowledge accumulated throughout the network’s operation to the outer world

Work packages descriptions

The project is structured in five workpackages (WP) that help achieving the general objective of promoting and enhancing innovation in diversity-based cereal food systems within European agriculture. CERERE structure facilitates connection and exchange of knowledge between all value chain actors, as well as between them and the world of research.