CERERE consortium consists of 13 partners

The network forms a very good balance between participants with a scientific and technological outlook, practitioners including all actors of cereal food systems (from farm to fork) interested in agrobiodiversity, organisations engaged in extension, advisory services, training and communication activities as well as participants who have a focus on rural studies and participatory approaches.

Partners belong to universities, research institutes, agricultural and food authorities, advisory centres, food, networks of farmers, citizens and rural actors from 9 European Countries.

Project coordinator

Giuseppe Nocella, School of Agriculture Policy and Development

Whiteknights Campus, Earley Gate PO Box 237, Reading UK


Project manager

Edneia Gagliardi, Agri-Food Economics & Social Science

Whiteknights Campus, Earley Gate PO Box 237, Reading UK


Rete Semi Rurali

RSR is the Italian farmers’ seeds network. Established in 2007, today it consists of 34 members. RSR support farmers, both at technical and institutional levels, in the creation and dissemination of self-reliant and sustainable organic farming systems, through a central focus on diversity of seeds.

Website: semirurali.net

Réseau Semences Paysannes

French RSP, founded in 2003, is a network of more than 70 organizations. RSP supports and connects local initiatives fostering collective management practices and works towards the scientific and legal recognition of small farmers’ contribution to agrobiodiversity conservation and sustainable use.

Website: semencespaysannes.org

Red Andaluza de Semillas

RAS is a decentralized Spanish organization founded over 10 years ago. It promotes use and conservation of agricultural biodiversity at local, national and international scales. RAS involves farmers, agricultural organizations, technicians, consumers, rural development groups, university and research and other food system actors.

Website: redandaluzadesemillas.org


The Organic Research Centre (ORC) is the UK’s leading independent research centre for the development of organic/agroecological food production and land management solutions to key global issues including climate change, soil and biodiversity conservation, and food security.

Website: organicresearchcentre.com


A Danish company focused on identifying the commercial potential in agriculture to provide Danish farmers with the best tools for running their businesses more profitably and in a sustainable way. It covers all aspects of farm management from crop production to livestock, organic production, finance, legislation, IT, accounting, HR, training and conservation.

Website: www.seges.dk


Teagasc – the Agriculture and Food Development Authority – is the national Irish body providing integrated research, advisory and training services to the agriculture and food industry and rural communities.

Website: www.teagasc.ie


The Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA) is Europe’s top agricultural research institute and the world’s number two centre for the agricultural sciences. Its scientists are working towards solutions for society’s major challenges.

Website: institut.inra.fr


The Institut Technique de l’Agriculture Biologique (ITAB) is a French association of public utility dedicated to the development of organic agriculture, member of the ACTA. It is a national body for the coordination of research and experimentation in organic farming

Website: itab.asso.fr

University of Florence

The University of Florence is an important and influential centre for research and higher training in Italy. It offers a wide range of study programmes at various levels and in all areas of knowledge. The University of Florence has a natural international vocation and the development of internationalization is one of its strategic priorities.

Website: unifi.it

University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute (FIN)

University of Helsinki, Ruralia Institute is an expert research institute on local development, sustainable food chains and a renewed bio-economy. Its mission is to improve the welfare and develop the sources of livelihood in the rural areas through research, development, education and training.

Website: www.helsinki.fi/ruralia

University of Reading (UK)
University of debrecen (HUN)

An Italian science communication agency based in Bologna and Rome offering communication strategies and multimedia products for EU and other international and national research projects and networks, research institutions and universities, publishers and private companies.

Website: formicablu.it

A panel of five international external experts advises the project during its entire development, taking part to each annual meeting with the task of providing feedback and comments.

The advisory board is composed by:

  • Gianluca Brunori, Full professor in Agricultural Economics and Agro-food economics, University of Pisa (Italy)
  • Marc Dewalque, Baker expert in sourdough and organic bread, founder of Bio-panem and LiMestère (belgium)
  • Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy, City University London, UK
  • Delphine Sicard, Research Director of INRA UMR Science for Enology, INRA, France
  • Roberta Sonnino, Professor of Environmental Policy and Planning, University of Cardiff, UK