CERERE videos

CERERE Documentary: Cereal Renaissance in the field

Scientists and farmers. Bakers and local communities. The CERERE Documentary “Cereal – Renaissance in the field” tells the stories of the protagonists of this agricultural revolution and cultural rebirth that is taking place in the heart of Europe.

Cereal Renaissance in the field | Teaser

Cereal Renaissance in the field | Trailer

CERERE Mind Meitheal

The CERERE Mind Meitheal assembled by artist/producer Deirdre O’Mahony and commissioned by the CERERE partner Teagasc is a collective gathering of agronomists, farmers, social scientists, policy makers, heritage NGO representatives, historians, chefs, food processors, and artists.

Mind Meitheal #1 | Portrane

Mind Meitheal #2 | Galway

Organic farmer Kate Carmody | North Kerry

European Diversity Cereal Festival, Denmark 2019

The European Diversity Cereal Festival has been held in Denmark on 26-28 June 2019. Parallel sessions of baking and beer workshops, field demonstrations, market place, posters and lectures had taken place: find out more in these videos.

Alonso Navarro Chavez | European Diversity Cereal Festival 2019

Egoitz Fernandenz | European Diversity Cereal Festival 2019

Gianluca Stefani | European Diversity Cereal Festival 2019

Minna Mikkola | European Diversity Cereal Festival 2019

Giuseppe Nocella | European Diversity Cereal Festival 2019


Across Europe, more and more farmers are preserving and exchanging seeds in order to maintain biodiversity. Find out more in these 90-secs videos featuring some of the key players of this agricultural revolution.

Salvatore Ceccarelli | Evolutionary population #1

Salvatore Ceccarelli | Evolutionary population #2

Véronique Chable | Agrobiodiversity

Véronique Chable | A new approach of agricolture

Marc Devalque | A different idea of bread

Sara Passerini | A new farmer in Tuscany, Italy

CERERE trailer

What is CERERE project all about? What are the main keywords and goals of the cereal renaissance in rural Europe? Find out how the project aims at embedding diversity in organic and low-input food systems.

Let’s Liberate Diversity, Belgium 2017

On 22-23 June 2017 CERERE project participated in the European meeting Let’s Liberate Diversity at the Hayon Farm in Belgium. Find out more watching these short video-presentations of the event!

Let’s Cultivate Diversity, Italy 2017

On 8-11 June 2017 the event “Let’s Cultivate Diversity” was held at the Azienda Agricola Floriddia in Tuscany, Italy. Three days of field visits, conferences and meetings to promote food diversity. Find out more in the videos below.