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A series of events took place in Italy from May to August under the umbrella of the “Let’s Cultivate Diversity: One month of Cereals” agenda. The events were organized by CERERE partner Rete Semi Rurali, and were the opportunity to foster the collaboration among the Italian actors working towards a sustainable transition of the cereal sector.

In particular, the surveys on the trial plot of cereal population seeding all over the Italy were strengthened, and the knowledge on practices related to the
participatory breeding of the cereal were spread. During the summer 2018, the topic of the intercropping cultivation into cereal as main cultivation was also discussed.

The meetings and trainings were attended by research technicians, processors, bakers and especially farmers and peasants.

Field meetings 

20 May 2018 – Cereal trial Station of Caltagirone, Sicily. It was a organised public seminar in the framework of Biodiversity Day and it was the opportunity to promote the annual visit to the fields of local wheat and legume stored into the regional seed bank.

21 May 2018 – Wheat and legumes, melliferous plants: intercropping, Ancona. Field seminar about the intercropping protocol among legumes and cereals. It was held at the Viola farm in Torre San Patrizio (Ancona).

26 May 2018 – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Piedmont. Visiting at the propagating plots of local varieties of wheat and training on bread-making with flour of the 13 local different varieties. Organised in collaboration with ASCI ( National Association in support of peasant agriculture).

29-30 May 2018 – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Sicily. The field visits were organised in collaboration with the Simenza Association (entity devoted to traditional seeds recovery). The meeting was concluded with Seminar titled “the role of Farmers played into participated research on the populations of cereals and in the innovation of supply chains”.

2 June 2018 – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Molise. Partecipants  visited the propagating plots of local varieties tested since 2012 at Modest Petacciato’s farm.

8-10 June 2018 – Let’s cultivate Diversity! in Tuscany. The event was held at the  Floriddia farm in Peccioli, Pisa. Deepening on the experimental field that hosts the wheat experiments of the DIVERSIFOOD project and breeding plots of the RSR seed house.

17-20 June 2018  – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Sardinia: The seeds of the future. Three days over the souther Sardegna visiting the field trial evolutionary populations; thanks to collaboration of “Centro di Autosviluppo” (self-development centre association), the visit included the participatory survey at trial fields (wheat durum), the comparative evaluation on field of several varieties both of ancient and modern wheats and mixture. The activities included the participatory breeding in barley for feeding the visit to the propagative field of mixture of barley for livestock and beer.

24 June 2018 – let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Val di Chiana – Tuscany. A day visit to the the organic Farm of Sara Passserini: hemp, chickpeas, buckwheat, and population of evolutionary of soft wheat (SOLIBAM polulations).

11 July 2018 – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Piedmont. Visit and evaluation of three years trial plot of different local wheat.

9-15 July 2018 –  #Campdigrano2018 and Palio del grano in Caselle in Pittari, Salerno. A national event organised by the community of Caselle in Pittari in
southern Italy. It was devoted to rediscovering the rural world and their traditional ancestral knowledge linked to cereal culture. During the event participants visited several trial field sown with old varieties and their traditional use and processing.

13 July 2018 – Let’s Cultivate Diversity! in Liguria. Visit to the reproduction field of local and old varieties in Val di Vara, Liguria. The meeting was specifically created to share issues and solutions about the harvest and post-harvest of cereals.