Public Deliverables

Deliverables are additional outputs (e.g. information, special reports or other building blocks of the project) that must be produced and submitted to the European Commission during the project lifetime.

  • D2.1 – List of Case Studies 

Different typologies of case studies have been identified and described in order to highlight and communicate European experiences where bottom-up innovation along the farm-to-fork continuum are underpinning the construction of diversified and sustainable cereal food systems.

Download D2.1 (in PDF)

  • D4.1 – Training Concept

The purpose of D4.1 is to present a ‘training concept’ which will inform training provided to innovation brokers and facilitators of participatory and knowledge-sharing activities working in the context of the EIP-AGRI, and EIP Operational Groups specifically.

Download D4.1 (in PDF)

  • D5.1 – Dissemination Plan

Download D5.1 (in PDF)

  • D5.2 – Leaflet and Video

Download D5.2 (in PDF)

  • D6.1 – Ethic Guidelines

Download D6.1 (in PDF)